This page is just a sampling of his books, obviously, since there are so many to choose from. The plan is to feature current releases, along with the classics, i.e., Open Range, and include some books that have a personal story behind them.


                                                                                                         ​​​​    "Rough Justice" is a June 2014 release.  


                                                                                                            It has a very interesting and dramatic plot.
                                                                                                            Thus it is very entertaining; you'll enjoy it!        ​​
at his desk

Lauran Paine Western Novels

   "The Texan Rides Alone" is another current release. It's powerful and alluring.

​Open Range
(this particular edition is a novelization of the movie) is, indeed, a classic. It is vivid and captivating. And very entertaining. Quite frankly, it's typical of all Lauran Paine Westerns: It captures your imagination and entertains you at a very real level; it brings simple realities back to mind in this era of too much "political correctness."


(The original book, The Open Range Men, is also available.) ​​​


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​As you have no doubt surmised, this site is not about selling books, per se.
It's about informing you about the books and, importantly, about the man who wrote them. That's what I want to get across: What you are reading when you read a Lauran Paine book is "the real deal."

After all these years the books are, of course, ​​available for sale in many places. But a good place to start, in this day and age, is  They have a whole bunch of them, all well listed and well described.

(Incidentally, if you Google Lauran Paine, a short bio and picture pop-up on the right side of the screen. The picture that pops up is not my dad. I don't know why...ask Google?....and I don't know who it is, but it is not my dad. Just sayin'.)​​​

Meanwhile, thanks again for stopping by!​​
The man wearing  the white hat on the horse is Lauran Paine as an extra in the move TheQuiet Gun (Twentieth Century-Fox, 1957) based upon, you guessed it, a novel by the same name that he wrote.  The movie starred Forrest Tucker and Mara Corday.

The horse he's riding was named "Walter." Notice Walter's doe-eyes; he had a very handsome face. And notice, too, the hackamore (as opposed to a bridle). ​​That horse and my dad joined as one when they rode.  My dad would not sell Walter. We had him for a very long time.

(The car....not part of the scene, actually....belonged to my dad's mother. I don't know its year but it was a black Buick convertible.  Very cool!)​​​


The other very cool thing? The book is still available today, albeit in a more modern format. ​​Since his early books were shorter in length, this particular book includes two western stories (hence the "a Western duo" on the cover). Two for the price of one! Very good reading and now you know the story behind the story.