Lauran Paine Western Novels
His mother, Arla.  Very classy!

young writer....contemplating

My mom and dad's saddles in my shop.
His horseshoeing tools from long ago.
His desk and early typewriter (also in my shop).
Same tractor...restored.....that was in the People Magazine feature, with Lauran Paine books now catalogued and stored in boxes in the background.
Lauran Paine posing with his books, my guess is about 1980.
One of his favorite dogs: "Epifanio."

                 "Pifas" for short.
After college I left the ranch and pursued my dream of becoming a pilot.  He came to my graduation from US Air Force pilot training. I think he was proud but he never flew with me.  He'd always say, "If man were meant to fly, he'd have wings." 

I flew professionally for thirty-eight years. ​​I took up writing later in life, mostly for aviation magazines. My dad always said, "You have to write what you know."

My father's son, I still have the rural feeling. I still enjoy ranching.  

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